StyleFile #35: Ladders

One of my favorite games as a kid was Chutes and Ladders. The game rewarded good deeds with going up the ladder and wrong ones with going down the chute. I’ve been interested in ladders ever since!

I’ve always wanted a traditional library ladder. The ladder is designed with wheels and is attached at the top to a metal rod.

What a fun idea! Put one in the kitchen to reach high upper cabinets!

The modern version done in metal- from Poliform.

No room for a traditional rolling ladder? Find one that leans against the shelves like this vintage one.

A ladder rests against the wall only to suggest that this was once a library. The shelves are now filled with an assemblage of black and white photographs.

A treasured collection of old apple picking ladders is now stored inside this summer home.

A small ladder is added to this group of interesting objects.

What do you do with a collection of sap buckets? Display them on a ladder!

Use a vintage ladder to prune and clip hedges. Here a model holds up a wallpaper sample for the photographer.

A lack of bookcases didn’t stop this owner from creating one from a ladder!

In the garden, try some climbing roses on an old step ladder!

A smaller step ladder becomes a handy place to hold wedding shoes.

(Photos-  Elle Decor, American Homestyle and Gardening, House and Garden, Vogue Living, Country Living Gardens, Weddings)

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