StyleFile #34: Cloth-Covered Cord Pendant

At the turn of the century many homes were celebrating the invention of the light bulb. Lots of metal fixtures were designed to showcase the bare bulb. One of these was a cloth-covered cord which held the socket for the bulb. People loved it! The fixture’s simplicity still makes them fun to use whether in the home or as props for fashion photographs.

This classic light fixture is still available here.

An ornate bedroom has the surprise of the single bulb fixture.

A single bulb pendant dangles over the sofa of this funky living room.

Such a fun dining room! The owners have replaced the plain light bulb with a bright pink one.

Two plain bulb pendants hang in this urban-rustic bathroom.

Black and white photography heightens the contrast created by the light bulb. The model is wearing a dress by Alexander McQueen. Hat from J. Smith.

Isn’t the lighting in this photograph fantastic?! Fashion at Mui Mui.

(Photos- Rejuvenation, World of Interiors, Living Etc., Italian Vogue)

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  1. OMG! We are totally having these things custom made for a restaurant we are designing! Wish I would have known about this one first (although our guys are making them for about the same price). Fantastic!

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