An Old Journal Entry

I’ve kept journals on and off for most of my adult life. They’ve been so valuable in understanding myself. Recently, I pulled out an old one and flipped through the pages. I found a page that was dated today. Here’s what I wrote:

SCB and I are seriously thinking of getting married. He suggested that we get engaged before I leave for my trip and set a date for June. I just can’t believe it! I’m happy, elated…but I’m also frightened. Marriage. It involves so much. But I feel all the arrows point in that direction.

We got engaged before that trip and were married the following January. Our wedding faded into the background of everyday life which makes up a marriage. We’ve had our share of disappointments and sadness but we’ve also had much joy and laughter. The journal helped me see once again that I married my best friend.


My dad took this photograph the night we got engaged.

3 thoughts on “An Old Journal Entry

  1. The smiles say it all. We have a self-portrait we took the day after we got (secretly) engaged that I like to call our “engagement portrait”…

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