Garden Note #8: Greenhouse Dining

My grandfather was an avid gardener and built his own greenhouse. I remember being in it as a child and looking at the plants thriving in the heat and moisture. I would love to have a greenhouse but not just for plants! My inspiration came from this old greenhouse on the property of Alexander Julian and his wife. When time came to work on their house, the builders offered to level the greenhouse at the same time. Instead Julian had the rest of the broken glass and plumbing removed, but left the metal framing. Now they say that “it’s not an eyesore, but a focal point.”


The greenhouse from the outside has an old European feel to it that I love. And the inside…


…is laid with bluestone with beds of plants around the borders. What I’d really like to do with the inside is…


…this! Isn’t it fantastic?! I love the idea of turning a greenhouse into a dining space. Here a French couple left the overhead glass but removed the side glass, and then laid down a cedar floor. The rattan chairs are from the 1930’s.

Extra, Extra: Check out the back article from the New York Times called “The Heiress Out Back”, September 28, 2006. It’s about how Dollie Briggs restores two vintage greenhouses and lives in them!

And look for the current issue of Better Homes and Gardens Country Gardens (Spring, 2008) which has another article on Dollie and her greenhouses.


( Met Home 1999, House and Garden 2007, Copyright photo for both C.M. Glover and The New York Times)

3 thoughts on “Garden Note #8: Greenhouse Dining

  1. Great idea for a post. I love greenhouses. I think it’s my favorite place to be. If I could live in one, I probably would.

  2. i have always had an obsession with greenhouses since i was a little girl. it would be a dream to have one of my own to throw dinner parties and luncheons in, lit with tons of candles and exotic plants… a girl can dream right??

    btw – i’m adding you to my blogroll. love what you’ve got going on!

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