Not Your Grandmother’s Wedding

Weddings have certain characteristics that define them- a special white dress, a veil, and flowers. But what if we take those and give them a fun little tweak? Be forewarned, these are definitely not your grandmother’s wedding!


All the necessary things that characterize a bride are here- the dress, the veil and the flowers. But check out what the stylist has done. This special dress is beautiful water-colored silk by Missoni. The veil is a tulle hat by Louis Vuitton. And the flowers are silk taffeta!


Here’s a white dress with a veil, but look closely. The veil is pale pink instead of white. And the styling twist is knee socks worn with traditional patent leather shoes!


Is this a bride or not? She’s wearing white but not in the traditional sense. Here the dress is a white silk crepe de chine by Tommy Hilfiger. The white hat is actually a sculpted visor made of panama straw with vintage veiling. It’s from Karen Henriken.


A full-length beaded veil suggests a bride. But what’s underneath? A tube top and gabardine shorts! Wow!


This example of the white dress and veil gets edgy when given black accents. Here’s a vintage black veil, black jewelry, and black Dr.Martens boots.


When we think of bridal flowers, it’s usually the bouquets. Here it’s the groom’s floral suit!


Usually the bride has the long hair and wears white. Not this time!

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  1. I loved the two groom ideas. The groom in the floral suit is a great photo and I love the floral pattern in the suit. Not many men could pull that one off–but I would admire the man that could! I also loved the groom’s suit in white. Classic and stunning–

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