Then&Now: The Sound Of Music

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I love musicals. My favorite has always been “The Sound of Music.” I remember seeing it on television as a kid and wishing for a large singing Austrian family to adopt me! When I saw this layout in Bazaar Magazine based on the musical, I went looking for my parent’s old record album. A booklet inside the album gives production information on the film and shows lots of pictures. I’ve placed some of those with the recent Bazaar magazine photographs.


The opening scene of “The Sound of Music” with Julie Andrews singing her heart out!


Model Eva Herzigova plays the role of “Maria” in this fashion shoot. She’s wearing a black dress and blouse by Chanel.


Maria is late again. What are the nuns to do?


“How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Perhaps a dress and belt by Fendi might help.


Maria struggles to gain confidence through a song, a tweed suit and a hat.


“I have confidence in me…and Michael Kors!” His tailored jacket, blouse, and skirt. Tracy Watts created the hat.


Frightened by thunder, the van Trapp children gather in Maria’s room.


“A few of my favorite things…” would include this dress from Roberto Cavalli.


Here they come! The van Trapp children on bikes and wearing clothing made from Maria’s bedroom curtains!


Model Eva Herzigova joins the bike brigade! She wears a dress, blouse, and tights all by Prada.


The most romantic scene in movie history is when Captain van Trapp (Christopher Plummer) and Maria confess their feelings for one another.


Being in the arms of the one you love and wearing a beautiful dress- what more could you want?! This one is designed by John Galliano for Dior, the necklace is from Kara Ross.

8 thoughts on “Then&Now: The Sound Of Music

  1. I love the idea for the photo spreads, but I don’t think anything beats the original (: I do like the picture of the Roberto Cavalli dress though.

  2. wow, that is completely amazing. what a great idea for a photo spread. would be fun to put together.

    i must have watched that movie 10,000 times when i was growing up.

  3. I liked the idea but I think there are far better musicals to choose from. It would have been awesome if they did shots from various musicals.

  4. How cool! Still, Eva’s no Julie Andrews – I doubt very much she could belt a high G while looking hot in a bob.

    You have a lovely blog – I shall be back to visit!


  5. I must get my hands on Harper’s Bazaar! The Sound of Music is one of my favorite films of all times, so uplifting. Believe it or not, I was living in Iraq (!!!) when a friend of my mum’s gave me the video tape; I watched it a billion times since.

  6. I remember when the movie first came out. I was a young child and saw it at the movie theater downtown in our little East Texas town. I now own it on DVD–it’s a classic.

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