StyleFile #27: Desk Set

A desk set is really nothing more than a table with a chair pulled up next to it. Ahh…but the numerous creative combinations of the two are endless!


Retro fun comes with this desk outfitted with cool collectibles like the typewriter, metal stool and the over-sized clock.


A perfect spot for a desk- a bank of large windows!


This set was squeezed into a guest room. The owner displays her quirky collection of portraits.


I love how this desk is nestled in between the built-in bookshelves. Note how pictures are hung on the shelves as well as the walls. Very chic!


Simplicity is key to this arrangement. Just the essentials but they are great ones!


A wall in the living room serves as a spot for a vintage desk and tubular chair. Above the desk is a star constellation map.


The bold use of color makes this combination work. The graphic rug was the jumping-off point for the painted shelves and furniture.

(Photos- Living Etc., House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Blue Print)

2 thoughts on “StyleFile #27: Desk Set

  1. I absolutely love the picture with the accordian wall lamp and the curved desk! Do you remember where you got that picture so I can figure out where to get my hands on those things! Thanks. Trish

  2. Hi Trisha. Here’s the information-
    bronze desk designed by Calvin Tsao (for information call 212-337-3800) and custom made by Studio 40 (call 718-246-7484). Antique chair and light fixture from Andre Hayat-Paris.

    Hope this helps.

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