Then&Now: If We Were To Do It All Over

My husband and I celebrated another wedding anniversary this past January. It got me thinking about our wedding day. Then Kathryn and I began our fun bridal posts… and Anne at Perfect Bound asked me to put together a bridal registry. With all my waking thoughts being wedding related, it inspired me to think about what we would do differently if we had to do a wedding all over again. Here’s my list of what we did Then and what we would do Now.


Then: custom invitation Now: Esty card


Then: diamond engagement ring Now: pearl


Then: January wedding Now: June


Then: blue dinnerware Now: white


Then: large wedding Now: small, intimate


Then: Vintage 1972 Volkswagen Beetle Now: 2004 convertible


Then: silk floral bouquet Now: real


Then: three tiered cake Now: dessert table


Then: long hair Now: pixie cut


Then: white shoes Now: metallic


Then: bridesmaid- Oscar de la Renta skirt pattern Now: J.Crew dress


Then: blue suit Now: khaki suit


Then: vogue wedding dress pattern Now: Priscilla of Boston


Then: honeymoon in Vermont Now: Maine

Then: worry Now: relax and enjoy!

Photos- Etsy(invitation), Sundance (ring), Crate and Barrel(table setting), Snippet and Ink(church), Perfect Bound(car), Real Simple(flowers), Style Me Pretty(dessert table), Stiletto Shoe, J.Crew(dress), Tommy Hilfiger(suit), The Knot(bridal dress)


12 thoughts on “Then&Now: If We Were To Do It All Over

  1. this was the coolest idea for a post ever. i loved reading through it. the pearl engagement ring idea is genius. and how cool that you drove off in a vintage beetle! you are super rad! how long have you been married? xo

  2. You have inspired me to register for the Eva Zeisel dinnerware. I didn’t know they had it at Crate & Barrel! I fell in love with her design when they featured her in New York mag recently…

  3. I had a black pearl engagment ring. And it was perfect. My wedding ring was custom made so now my pearl is just a ring I wear for special moments.
    It works as a nice reminder of then.

    I would change…my bridesmaid dresses. I wanted to let the girls just pick a brown dress and my mother acted like that was an absolute horror!!! Now whenever I look back I wish that they had been able to express themselves more.

  4. I do this all the time! What would my wedding be like if I could do it all over today! I would make mine funky and not so prim and proper!

  5. check this out! i linked to your post here:

    and then my friend lina wrote this:
    > dude, martha B’s second wedding is my first wedding!
    > that’s the dinnerware I registered for:
    > and the bridesmaid’s dress i like (except mine will probs be green)
    > and the khaki suits our groomsman and groom are wearing!

    isn’t that crazy? :)

    anyway, i am loving your blog. talk to you later, joannaxo

  6. Ahhh! No pearls. Too delicate for everyday wear. I’ve spent all week fixing tougher jewelry than that. People think rings are indestructible for some reason.

  7. this got me thinking about my “wedding.” 20 of us in vegas, no bouquet, no bridesmaids, but a very cool 50s cadillac convertible and the vegas strip.

  8. I’ve been thinking a lot about the wedding that could have been. I wish we had done a city hall wedding. my parents would have killed me, though, (catholic guilt), so I did the best I could. It isn’t easy being the first to marry!

    Pearls are indeed super delicate, but they make beautiful engagement rings. I wish I had never gone with diamonds, because I opened a Pandora’s box. If I could do it again–a 22kt apricot gold band from Reinstein Ross that I would never take off.

    And camping in Maine in July would be amazing.

  9. I found your blog through your guest post on Snippet and Ink. I’m in the throws of my daughter’s wedding plans. We are using Pepperina Press’ Bella Figura cards as bridal shower invitations. They are so great and she was wonderful to work with. I don’t know how long you’ve been married, but I made some similar decisions and would certainly do things differently. But, cost was a factor and things are much more personal these days.

  10. In mexico (where Im from) it’s considered bad luck if the bride wears pearls (either jewelry, part of the dress, etc) it means tears in your marriage..It’s best if you stick with the diamond!

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