StyleFile #18: The Pegboard

At last pegboards are moving out of garages and basements where they were only used to organize tools. Now these inexpensive sheets of masonite with small holes are showing up in other places- in the play room as wainscot, in the den to back bookshelves, or in the kitchen as a back splash. Pegboard has all kinds of potential!


A panel of pegboard leans against the wall in this fashion shoot from Blueprint. Painted a bright color this pegboard could make a terrific back drop for a family or even a wedding photograph.


Instead of a bulletin board, try painted pegboard. Use pins and hooks to hang your favorite photographs and objects.


A children’s playroom can be the perfect place to install pegboard wainscot. Here it’s been nailed to the wall and a chalkboard hung on it.


Painting the pegboard silver complements the wall mounted television. Suspended wire storage bins hold remote controls, magazines and a television guide.


Leave it to Julia Child to hang her kitchen pots from a peg-board! Inspired by her kitchen, a full wall is covered with pegboard and then painted a solid color. Later a slightly lighter tone is added outlining the assorted kitchen supplies to make it easier to keep track of them all- “a place for everything and everything in its place!”


If you don’t have enough room for a whole wall, how about this smaller version?


Recycling bins hang from yellow painted pegboard. For more information on installation, click here.


I could’ve used this wrapping station during the holiday season! Find building instructions in Country Living.


And for those who still have their tools in the garage, check the photograph above. What a great contrast between the tough tools and the tender pink colored pegboard!

(Photos- Blueprint, Domino, Land of Nod, Storage Magazine, Sunset, via Design Sponge)


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  1. i love the recycling bins on a pegboard, what a great idea! thanks for posting these. i’ve always loved julia child, and it would be fun to paint the boards different colors…

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