Then&Now: A Tribute To Fashion

As a tribute to the fashion and models of the mid-forties to the late fifties, Neiman Marcus ran a series of photographs in Vogue Magazine last fall. The photos captured the style of those times both with the models and their clothes. For fun, I’ve paired two recently reprinted photos and one from a vintage magazine from the 1950’s with the Vogue photographs.


Then: The model above, Sunny Harnett, in a 1954 photograph by Richard Avedon. Cape by Jean Desses.


Now: A Sunny Harnett look-a-like in a fur coat for Fall 2007 designed by Giuliana Teso.


Then: Taken in 1957, here is another photograph by Richard Avedon. The model looking tentatively over her shoulder is Carmen Dell’Orefice.


Now: This dress is from the Fall collection 2007 of Reem Acra. Make up and hair style are carefully styled to mimic the iconic models of the 1950’s.


Then: Here Dorian Leigh models a dress by Traina-Norell for Life magazine in 1950.


Now: A pose Dorian Leigh would love. The dress was designed by Marc Bouwer.

(Photos of 2007 models from: Vogue, September. Photo of Carmen Dell’Orefice from Town & Country, August 2007, Photo of Sunny Harnett from Harper’s Bazaar, September 2007. Photo of Dorian Leigh from Life, 1950)

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  1. Hi – I absolutely love these pictures .. especially because they are in black and white – I thought you might appreciate taking a peek at the SAKS Spring Preview catalogue (it can be viewed online)(go to…I believe the catalogue link is in the lower left-hand corner…when you “get to” the catalogue, as soon as you ‘open’ to the first page, you will see a “Now” of one of the “Then” dresses you have posted (1957 -photographed by Richard Avedon – model- Carmen Dell’Orefice) – so pretty ~ there are other dresses, accessories…. that have the same 40s-50s look – hope you enjoy them.

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