Words and the Woods

“When I was a child I haunted the woods. The two essential components of my imagination were my fascination with the natural world and with language. I loved especially the sounds of words. We were fortunate in our house to have an unabridged dictionary. I explored it every day for new words and I would go out into the woods behind our house and shout my latest discovery and listen to it reverberate. I considered it my duty to give my new words to the elements, to scatter them. The woods were the perfect audience.” – Stanley Kunitz (Poet Laureate)

This paragraph is from the book “The Wild Braid” by Stanley Kunitz . I love the image of a young boy going into the woods and shouting out his favorite words. It makes me think about words that I love. Imagination. Imagination. I love the sound of that word. Imagination. I think of long hours playing with my sister, creating things out of paper and clay, writing stories just for myself, or being in our pool floating on a raft daydreaming. I recently began a list of words. I refer back to it and add more words when I hear them. Maybe my next step should be to take a few words to the woods and scatter them. What do you think? What words do you love?


(Photo- Martha B.)