KidFile #6: Art Fun From A Vintage Magazine


Art inspiration can come from many places-this time, from an old Life magazine from 1970. An article, illustrated with delightful drawings by Bob Shein and Robert Tallon, suggested several fun ways to use ink for drawing and creating hand puppets. Taking a cue from the article, I had my son and his friends draw simple line drawings of animals. Then they filled in the animal bodies with inky thumb prints.


The work in progress.


A wild creature with finger spots and stripes!


Next, Curt and his friends traced their hands and made funny pictures out of them.


Lastly, I had the kids create hand puppets as suggested in the same article. Lucky for me, I had a box of fabric scraps, bits of yarn, ribbon, buttons, and other assorted things for crafting. I let the kids go through it and choose what they wanted to use.


The kids had fun experimenting with different ideas for their puppets. The results are below.


Rebecca’s fashionable lady hand puppet complete with yarn hair, black eyes, and pink lips.


Abe Lincoln, on the right, designed by Curt has pencil eyes, fur beard, and black paper hat. Daniel’s puppet, on the right, is a man with paper eyes and fur hat.

(Photos- Life magazine, Martha B.)


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