The Christmas Light

When our son Curtis was a toddler, he always liked getting up early- very early- sometimes 5:30 a.m! We told him that he could do this as long as he stayed in his room. We showed him how to switch on his overhead light, find his books, and read quietly until we got up. Around the Christmas holidays, he asked when Christmas was. I came up with the idea of the light in his room. I told Curt that when he turned on his light in the morning and if it was red then it was Christmas. Every day he would check it. When we did this on that first Christmas, he was so excited and called out, “It’s red! Today is Christmas!” Of course that woke us up! Curt is older now and doesn’t need to be told what day Christmas will be, but nevertheless asks me to go ahead and put the red light bulbs in. It has become a Christmas tradition.


On Christmas eve, we install these red light bulbs into Curt’s bedroom ceiling light fixture.


In the morning he turns on his light and the room is bathed in red. “It’s Christmas, Mom and Dad!”.

(Photos-  Martha B.)