StyleFile #14: Vintage Wedding Dress Patterns

While at an antique store in North Carolina, I came across a box filled with vintage wedding patterns from the 1940s to the 1990s. I pulled them out of the box one by one and marveled at the designs. So many of them could be worn as bridal dresses today. I didn’t purchase any of them, but when I got home I checked eBay. I found a lot of them are available including my own. Can you guess which bridal dress pattern I used?


circa: 1940-1950


circa: 1940-1950


circa: 1950-1960


circa: 1960-1970


circa: 1970-1980


circa: 1970-1980


circa: 1970-1980


circa: 1970-1980


circa: 1970-1980


circa: 1980-1990


circa: 1980-1990

6 thoughts on “StyleFile #14: Vintage Wedding Dress Patterns

  1. Hey I love these dresses. I found the first one a while ago but it had been sold.

  2. Your thoughtfulness in sharing your finds is admirable. I also enjoy browsing at flea markets as antique markets are not organized in my little town.Keep up the good work!

  3. OH! It’s too bad you did not purchase the whole box! I know many brides now wear “half-off” (I don’t mean pricewise!) Yet, there are many others who LOVE this sort of Vintage Modesty! I especially love the last Vogue pattern- it’s simple and modest, yet very pretty and fluffy without being too drippy. Tastefully fancy.

  4. oh what a great find! i love the idea of using vintage patterns a wedding dress! my parents live in raleigh, nc and i love going to flea markets and antique malls when im there, where did you find these?

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