StyleFile #9: Looking Back At 1968 Fashion

I love finding vintage magazines and looking at the fashions in them. What I find interesting is that so often the designs appear remarkably fresh. These pictures are from, “Look” magazine, dated June 11, 1968. Amazing!


This yellow cotton dress was made by one of my favorite designers- Geoffery Beene. The cost in 1968 was $325. The organza scarf is by Archie Eason. Tovar tresses added curls and ringlets to the hairdo above.


Gayle Kirpatrick‘s pique pinafore with stock tied shirt from Sarff-Zumpano. The floppy hat is from Bergdorf Goodman. Note the fun celery-green tights and yellow shoes.


This organdy dress by another favorite designer, Oscar de la Renta, is just as lovely now as it was in 1968.


Child-like pinafore and dress designed by Mary Sipp for Abracadabra. Check out the playful Raggedy Ann tights by Bewitching and the black shoes by Edith Henry.


5 thoughts on “StyleFile #9: Looking Back At 1968 Fashion

  1. The top picture of the yellow dress and the scarf is by Archie Eason who was my uncle. How nice it is to see old pictures of his creations! I have a computer friend who always seeks out his (Uncle Archie’s) hats for me, so she sent me to your post. If you have or ever find more, I would love to see them.
    Sherry Robinson shedearobs

  2. Hi Sherry,
    I dropped you an e-mail regarding a hat I just purchased. The hat was made by Archie Eason, your uncle, as I have just found out! :) It’s a very cool hat. I was wondering if I could get more info about your uncle and his designs. I am trying to pin down the era of the hat. Looks like the 1920’s but it may have been a later creation inspired from the past.
    Thanks a bunch

  3. I too also purchased an Archie Eason hat a few months ago & i think it is so interesting. I was told it was from 1929 or so but can’t find any reference online about the hat. I would love to find out more information about your uncle and his other designs as well, Sherry.

    Thanks a bunch :)

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