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It all started with a contest for creating wedding inspiration boards. I had done boards of interior designs to show clients fabric samples and furniture choices. I have an inspiration bulletin board above my desk filled with clippings of homes, fashions, and gardens. But a wedding inspiration board I had not tried yet.

According to the instructions on the blog Style Me Pretty it was to be a collage of nine to twelve images, but I only had one day to get it done since that was when the contest ended. I tore through my stacks of magazines looking for the right pictures to convey what I had in my mind. While I was working on this, I realized how similar it was to working on a Nordstrom window. I sifted through pictures as if they were props and mannequins. I was the last one to send one in. No, I didn’t win the contest, but I sure had fun doing it! Here it is-


Just like the Lay’s Potato Chip advertisement- “You can’t eat just one” – I couldn’t do just one! Later I saw this photo of a lawn mowed into a spiral and it became the impetus for another wedding board.


I took the spiral motif and used it as a theme for a wedding. Everything has a spiral or swirl- from the antique urns to the bride’s coiled bun. I sent it to Abby of Style Me Pretty for fun and she was kind enough to post it on her blog.


Have I done any more wedding inspiration boards? Yes, I’ve done three more. I’ll end my post with one of them and save the other two for a later time. I call this “A Library Wedding”. The photograph of St. Paul’s Library in London was the inspirational starting point for this one.


If you want to see some beautiful wedding inspiration boards, visit Kathryn of Snippet and Ink. She posts one every day and each one is a work of art!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Inspiration Boards

  1. I also love the shoes on the library board! Perfect!

    P.S. – I just tagged you! Check out Snippet & Ink for details if you’re up to it!

  2. As I live in Dubai and my family and friends are back in Holland and Switzerland I’ve started using my blog to communicate with them about all sorts of ideas and plans for my upcoming wedding.

    It is so great to find ideas and pictures on all these blogsites. I get a lot more inspiration from them than looking through all these expensive bridal magazines with way too many adverts on for big merengue-like dresses.

    Thank you for inspiration.

    PS.. we’ll be moving into a new appartment soon, and you’ve got some fantastic ideas for that too.

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