StyleFile #8: New Direction for Knits

Knitting. The final frontier. This is the voyage of knitting designers. To seek out new directions, to boldly go where no knits have gone before.”

I couldn’t resist using the Star Trek theme words with my StyleFile on knits. It seemed appropriate for what I see happening. Designers are exploring new ways of knitting through texture, scale, drape, and proportions. Here are some examples that I admire.


Designer and book author of Loop-d-Loop, Teva Durham shows her gift in creating wonderful knits that she herself describes as “a sense of adventure and a bit of whimsy.”


Wenlan Chia’s designs are a great combination of cosy and sophisticated. Her book, Twinkles’ Big City Knits is inspirational.


There’s been an interest in knitting with oversized stitches like this Giles scarf.


Check the scale here in this original hand-knit mini dress by Sandra Backlund.


Designers, like Tom Scott, are playing with proportions. Here he has created an asymmetrical sweater with one sleeve.


Anthropologie plays with draping. Notice the sides are longer than both the front and back.


And what BIG buttons it has!


Knits are short…


…and long. I love the hood with this.

Update- The gray cardigan is by Alessandro Dell’Acqua from his Fall RTW 2007 Collection (See look #7) Photo- Marie Claire, December 2007.


A traditional fair isle design is made into a pinafore.

(Photos- Loop-d-Loop, Twinkles, Marie Claire, Fiber Arts, Vogue Knitting, Anthropologie, Free People)

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  1. Where did you get the photo of the white bolero from? That one is really stunning.
    Thanks for compiling so many great pics.

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