StyleFile #7: Advent Calendars

The first known Advent Calendar done by hand dates from 1851. There were earlier styles like the Advent clock where small pictures hung on the wall, one for each day in December or the Advent candle where a candle is lit every day much like today’s Advent wreath. Here are just a few that you can make or purchase.


A simple calendar made by sewing small pockets for gifts and a sleeve for a wooden dowel. The ornaments hanging off the ends are fun.


Very similar to the one above it, Garnet Hill‘s calender has pockets too. However this one hangs from metal grommets.


The calendar is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art store. I love this one for the many years my mother and I would go to the museum together for my birthday which is around Christmas time. Thanks Mom!


Martha Stewart Kids Magazine had some wonderful do-it-yourself calendars. The small tree above has pouches made of fabric and tied with ribbon. The chest below is made up of numbered matchboxes.


Made of wood, the advent calendar from Pottery Barn Kids will last for many holidays to come.


I always wanted to visit the Westminster Abbey. This calendar from Bas Bleu is as close to it as I could get.


A great way to display antique ornaments by using tags and numbers on a linen-covered bulletin board.


Don’t forget to check Etsy for more crafty versions of the calendars. ( Although this one is sold out, there are others to choose from.)


Another example of using matchboxes, this time several glued together and covered with printed paper. The fun part- hanging them from wire above the fireplace mantle.


(Photos- Living Etc., Garnet Hill, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Martha Stewart Kids, Pottery Barn, Bas Bleu, Etsy)

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