StyleFile #3: Quirky and Fun Wedding Bouquets

A visit to your local Whole Foods or a walk in the park can be the inspiration for some very different bouquets. Check the produce aisle for vegetables or fruits that you can use on their own or mixed in with your flowers. For example, full heads of cauliflower can make an unexpected bouquet. Look for names like- “Cheddar” which offers a yellow-orange colored head, “Graffiti” which is purple and “Amazing” or “Callisto” which are both white. Push a metal dowel into the back of the cauliflower head in order for your bridesmaids to hold it.


Other supermarket finds could include chives,


big, red, radishes,


or for something dramatic, a single stalk of artichoke.


A walk in the park, woods, or even your back yard can yield some unexpected bouquets. Try bundles of forsythia,


pussy willow,


or grasses.


These bouquets of grasses can simply be gathered together with more strands of grass, twine or ribbon.


Enjoy the search for something different like this beautiful combination of ferns and holly.


(Photos from Organic Gardening, House Beautiful, American Homestyle & Gardening, MS Living, Country Living Gardener, and J.Crew)


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  1. This is so cute!!! I was looking for some tropical and modern wedding bouquets and when I found this….I couldn’t help but LAUGH!!!! It’s really FUNNY… It makes me think of my grandparents :)

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