Two Careers: Part One

Two wonderful careers opened up for me because of Laura Ashley. The first was interior design. While I worked for the company, I spent a lot of time helping customers with their decorating problems.

“What wallpaper would look good in our bedroom?”

“Would this fabric work with my rug?”

“I want to order this sofa but will it fit in with my existing chairs?”

I loved this aspect of my job. With a growing list of clients wanting me to decorate their homes, I decided to enroll in a few night courses in design. I was hooked! I had finally found a fulfilling niche that fit me perfectly. Later I left Laura Ashley to pursue a degree in interior design full time.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from vintage Laura Ashley Home Furnishings catalogs-


I love Laura Ashley’s use of tile in this kitchen. I still hold onto this as a future kitchen possibility for my dream house.


A wonderful black and white wallpapered pantry that never goes out of style- a classic.


I think this picture is from Bernard Ashley’s bathroom (but don’t quote me). It’s quintessential Laura Ashley- Victoriana.