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Note- One of my favorite pastimes is looking at vintage photographs. Most are of people I don’t know, but I love their faces and often wonder who they were and what happened to them. So I make up a history- This  couple, Edith and Frank, met through mutual friends. It didn’t take long for these two to realize they were meant for each other. In less than a month, they were engaged.

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Fashion Character Photo


The Romantic c. 1950

The Writing Hut

“…George Bernard Shaw’s daily routine was formal and invariable, particularly after his wife died, in 1943. In spite of all his blasting away of set patterns of humanity, he was conservative by nature. He was up at seven every morning, took two hours to read the mail and eat breakfast, then went to write in the hut he had built for himself out in the garden…”


“…The Writing Hut, at the bottom of the garden, was where Shaw did his creative work. He himself designed the small structure, and it is suspended from a metal armature so that it can revolve to follow the sun…” – Elizabeth Lambert for Architectural Digest, 1982.

(Photo- Derry Moore)

A Denim Story


Classic Denim Jacket

From- Gap

Age- 12 Years

Fashion details- Danielle wears my favorite denim jacket (reissued) with a sweatshirt dress and white vans (not seen).

(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne)

A Fall Break


Nibs Readers,

This is to let you know I’ll be taking a break from blogging to visit my family in North Carolina. Posting will resume October 13, 2014.

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Grab Bag- Leaf Garland


A garland of metal leaves is perfect for the front door or fireplace mantel.

5 Fall Fashion Finds Under $50


1. Gap A-line Cord Skirt ($49.95)

2. J.Crew Wool Beanie ($39.50)

3. L.L.Bean Ragg Sweater ($49.95)

4. H&M Imitation Leather Shorts ($17.95)

5. Casual Shoes ($39.95)