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Vintage Photos- Interior Space #3

Orange chair c. 1955-1965

Risom Rocker c. 2009 (available at DWR)

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Vintage School Photo #5

Long before texting, there was the ‘talking tree‘ where students tacked hundreds of messages to each other. This one was on the campus of the University of Chicago c. 1950.

A Page From…

…Vanity Fair Magazine, 1997.

The kitchen of restauranteur Keith McNally.

(Photo- James Mortimer)

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~candid spaces~

Summer Camp Kitchen

Dorm Room

Vintage dorm room photos c. 1977.

Interior details- Rugby striped curtain, five drawer dresser, Grover, granny square afghan and  alarm clock.

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Looking back at Spring 1981- Wing collared ruffled blouse by Margaret Howell worn with vintage lace vest & Kamikaze white jodhpurs.

Looking forward to Spring 2012- Eyelet embellished blouse & linen pants (special order) from Chloé.

(Top photo- Barry Lategan for British Vogue, 1981. Bottom photo- Daniel Jackson for Harper’s Bazaar, 2012)

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A Page From…

...Queen Victoria’s Journal, 1840.

In this entry, Queen Victoria wrote about her upcoming nuptials to Prince Albert. She even did a quick sketch of her wedding head wreath & veil (left).

(Photo- Royal Archives)

Vocabulary #52: Rolodex

rolodex- a desktop rotary card index with removable cards; usually used for names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Vintage Hollywood agent’s rolodex c. 1960 -1979.

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Fashion Character Card #4

Lace collar. Click image to enlarge.

Thanks Design Sponge for the suggestion.

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The English Woman


Looking back at Fall/Winter 1984- British Vogue dedicates an issue to the English woman’s past and future. Most notable in the introduction is the mention of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister (quite a leap forward from the suffragettes of 1911), Queen Elizabeth (regarded as the “accessible queen” when compared to Queen Victoria) and the new royal to watch- a young Princess Diana.

Looking back at Fall/Winter 1984- Many English actresses look across the pond at Hollywood hoping to make an impact with American audiences. Twenty seven years ago three confident women did just that- Jane Seymour, Lesley Anne Down & Victoria Tennant (above).

Looking back at Fall/Winter 1984- Grace Coddington, working as fashion editor for the magazine, and photographer Bruce Weber use the classic English garden as an inspirational backdrop to some beguiling images.

Looking back at Fall/Winter 1984- Model wears a flecked brown tweed suit by Cerruti and…

a creamy yellow cashmere sweater set with plaid wool skirt by GorRay.

Looking forward to Fall/Winter 2011- British Vogue reexamines the English woman and what makes her “wonderfully inscrutable” and “utterly unique.”

Looking forward to Fall/Winter 2011- Vogue mentions again Margaret Thatcher (now the “no-nonsense English matriarch“), Princess Elizabeth (her roll not as queen but as an ambulance driver during WWll) and a new royal to watch- Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge.

Looking forward to Fall/Winter 2011-  Many Actresses like Sienna Miller, Emma Watson & Felicity Jones (above) think nothing of searching in both England and abroad for films and television work.

Looking forward to Fall/Winter 2011- This season’s clothing is all about  nostalgia (peter pan collar shirts, printed dresses and cosy knits) modeled by  British woman Lily Donaldson. The backdrop is not an English garden but a tiny island off the coast of Sweden.

Looking forward to Fall/Winter 2011- Lily wears a Bottega Veneta  mohair/gabardine coat, Alberta Perretti sleeveless coat and Cos poloneck.

Looking forward to Fall/Winter 2011- Cool weather layering with a cotton dress by Paul & Joe and handknit cardigan from Missoni.

(Portrait of Victoria Tennant by Paul Lange, 1984. Portrait of Felicity Jones by Jason Bell, 2011. Fashion photos with Lily Donaldson by Tom Criag & Fashion editor Bay Garnett, 2011)

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Beauty & The Barn

The Cast

Beauty- My sweet friend Hope.

The Barn (c. 1770)- This eighteenth century wooden Dutch style barn was slated for demolition in 1973. But luckily, a group of citizens rallied to preserve it and won. The barn is now registered with the Bergen County Historical Society as one of the last examples from colonial America.

(Photos are outtakes from this post- Martha B.)