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Knitting Class


Fashion details- colorful bias fair isle sweater and kerchief designed by Teva Durham. You can find full instructions for both in her book ‘Loop-d-Loop.’

Benetton Clothing Ad- 1983

Christmas Grab Bag- Long Knit Gloves


Cable knit long gloves from Free People.

Knit 1, Purl 2

Fashion details- Aran vest (top), short sleeve sweater (middle) and long sleeve sweater with zipper front (bottom) all from Peregrine.

Knitwear Designer- Hayley Grundmann

“…it started with the checkered laundry bag. I really liked the idea of trying to knit with it and got interested by the launderettes. They are dying out of use, and they all look dated as if from the 1970′s. I really wanted to concentrate on the colours and use the shapes of the baskets and pegs…”- Hayley Grundmann, graduate of Central Saint Martins of London.

Fade To Blue

Fashion details- Blue striped stole designed by Teva Durham. Knitting  instructions can be found in her book ‘Loop-d-Loop.’

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Tomboy Basics

Fashion details- Oversized cardigan sweater, numbered top & patchwork trousers from Isabel Marant, Spring 2012. Hat by Eugenia Kim.

(Photo- Takay for Marie Claire)

Updated 8/7/2012- Anthropologie has a similar pair of patchwork trousers for $148.

Japanese Bookstore

A short trip to my favorite Japanese bookstore at the mall used to yield all kinds of wonderful purchases- knitting books, orgami paper, cards, etc. But that came to an end last summer when the store closed. Most likely the effect of our struggling economy. At least I managed to buy this last knitting book. Anyone know of another source for these?

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Grab Bag- Footnote

Lace-up leather shoes at Plümo. Spicy orange polka dot socks by Lisa B.

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What To Wear In September

Fashion- Gérard Darel short sleeve Aran sweater (based on this one worn by Marilyn Monroe), Diesel blue jeans, Michael Kors sandals, socks & belt with Jimmy Choo woven leather bag and Acne hat.

You can find a similar sweater here and here.

(Photo- Claudia Knoepfel for Paris Vogue, 2011)

Update 9/8/2011- I love this  crew neck sweater available at Aubin & Wills, too.

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