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Gudrun Sjödén latest clothing collection is inspired by three types of gardens and the people that work in them.


Community Gardener- eco-cotton top, ‘field’ linen wrap skirt, linen/cotton twill pants, microknit pantyhose and canvas shoes


Roof Gardener- linen/cotton tunic over linen/cotton dress, pants, high-top sneakers and leather cellphone pouch.


Home Gardener- cotton cardigan, spandex tank top, eco-cotton bib overalls and boots.

And look what came in the mail today-


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Garden Note #88: Seed Packet Plates

opt-creative-packaging-seeds-crate-&-barrelSet of six plates with graphic vegetable designs. Perfect for outdoor entertaining or displayed on a kitchen wall.



All that remains of a Blue Jay killed by a Hawk.

(Photo- © 2014 Martha Browne)

High By Designer Claire Campbell- Spring Preview 2014

highclothingspringlookbookcollage01-optOutside the snow is waist knee deep and the temperature hovers around 20 degrees. But I’m not thinking about Winter right now as much as Spring- especially when looking at these images from High. They were taken at Monk’s House- the home and garden of author Virginia Woolf.


Garden Note #87: Spring Planting


Last summer we built five raised beds out of the leftover lumber from our garden shed. By the time we finished them, it was too late in the growing season to plant a whole lot. I did manage some heirloom tomatoes, peppers and flowers…all of which I want to do again this year. My list so far-

6-8 heirloom tomato plants

3-4 pepper plants

3- Scarlet runner bean

3- Pole beans (in wood tubs)

 12-15 Zinneas, Cleome, Morning Glory, Black Eyed Susan Vine, etc.

3- Squash

I’m considering one whole bed devoted to herbs. What are you planting this Spring?

(Photo- © 2014 Martha Browne)



Snow peeks out from the folds of a Hydrangea leaf.

(Photo- © 2014 Martha Browne)

Garden Note #86: Holiday Corsage


A mix of scented pines and white Gardenias is made into this beautiful corsage.

(Photo- Moon Canyon Design Co.)

Christmas Craft #26: Nature Garland


This project is pulled from the wonderful book ‘Christmas Decorations.’ Instructions are as followed with a few tweaks of my own. ( * )

Materials: Leaves (* Press in books and later paint some of them gold), berries, cinnamon sticks, nuts in their shells, dried apple rings and other decorative fruits, etc. Lengths of ribbon or flat tape. (* Martha Stewart’s gold thread is perfect.)

1. Cut a tiny slot through each dried leaf near an edge. Put thread through the holes then knot in place. You can also glue leaves flat to ribbon. (* Use a glue gun.)

2. Tie tiny bundles of cinnamon together and tie to thread/ribbon. Wrap nuts and pine cones in a similar way.

3. Cut apples into 1/4″ rings (* Quick Dry Method- Immerse rings into lemon juice for 3-5 minutes. Pat dry with paper towels. Cover cookie sheet with parchment paper and place rings on top. Put in an oven set at low temperature…150 degrees…for two hours. Flip rings over and leave for another hour.) Hang apple rings onto the thread/ribbon and then knot securely.

(Styling & Photo- © 2013 Martha Browne)

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An old metal tractor wheel is encased in vines.

(Photo- © 2013 Martha Browne)



(Photo- © 2013 Martha Browne)