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Cheap Chic #8

Looking great for less.

Cheapchicseriescartoonblousejeanskirt-optTotal Cost- $129.42

Peanuts gang comic pajama top…$49.95 (set)

Eddie Bauer denim skirt with front slit (similar)…$35.00

Audrey Brooke suede oxfords (clearance sale)…$29.97

J.Crew striped socks….$14.50

(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne. Model- Danielle)

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Cheap Chic Series

Cheap Chic #7

Looking great for less.


Total Cost- $164.45

J.Crew short sleeve sweatshirt…. $69.50

Calvin Klein cropped white jeans (similar)…$50.00

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers….$44.95

Necklace with single bicycle charm….stylist’s own

(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne. Model- Danielle)

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Fashion Character Card


Shirt. Click image to enlarge.

Fashion Repeat


Fashion details- Board shorts & top with cashmere hoodie and canvas fishing hat.

Cheap Chic #6

Looking great for less.

cheapchicredpantsbasicwhitetee-optTotal Cost- $77.98

Gap Basics boatneck tee….$16.99

Ralph Lauren red jeans (similar red pair)….$48.00

Route 66 white sandals….$12.99

(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne. Model- Danielle)

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Cheap Chic #5

Looking great for less.


Total Cost- $45.00

D.I.Y. folded arms shirt with unfinished hem**

Lands’ End paisley shorts….$45.00

Sandals (model’s own)

**D.I.Y- Folded Arms Shirt

I love this quirky, folded arms shirt from Creatures of Comfort; so much so that I decided to make one of my own (pictured above). Here’s how-


White button down (or other) cotton shirt, scissors, white thread, needle, sewing machinge


1. Carefully cut off the sleeves. Start at the underarm area of one sleeve about a 1/4 from the edge. Snip a small hole and insert your scissor tips. Cut all the way around. Do the same with the second sleeve.

foldedarmsshirtprocess-opt2. Take the loose sleeves and place them so that they point up towards the collar with cuff buttons showing.

3. & 4. Pin each sleeve to sides just below the armhole working down.

sewingshirtsleevesonside02-opt5. You can either hand sew the sleeves on or do it with your sewing machine.

6. Give the shirt a good pressing with an iron.

(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne. Model- Danielle)

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Fashion Character- The Tomboy

Fashion Character Photo

tomboy-fishingimage-optThe Tomboy c. 1945-1950

Garden Tours

Gudrun Sjödén latest clothing collection is inspired by three types of gardens and the people that work in them.


Community Gardener- eco-cotton top, ‘field’ linen wrap skirt, linen/cotton twill pants, microknit pantyhose and canvas shoes


Roof Gardener- linen/cotton tunic over linen/cotton dress, pants, high-top sneakers and leather cellphone pouch.


Home Gardener- cotton cardigan, spandex tank top, eco-cotton bib overalls and boots.

And look what came in the mail today-


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opt-margaret-howell-crisscross-sandalsHigh on my list to purchase this Spring is a pair of flat sandals. The detail I want- chunky crisscross main straps.

Shore Leave


Cool looks for warm weather dressing from Chinti and Parker’s Spring collection.