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A Softie


Fashion details- Extra soft mohair sweater with high collar and long sleeves by Neemic.

Cabbages & Roses- Fall 2014


Fashion details- Stripe penguin t-shirt, workman trousers, oxford shoes and handknit brown hat (left). Cotton top, overalls, oxford shoes and handknit blue hat (right).

Cheap Chic #12

Looking great for less.


Total Cost- $31.95

H&M empire waist dress (check local stores for availability)….$24.95

Gap Kids white t-shirt on sale (similar)-$7.00

Flip flops, necklace and nose ring….model’s own

(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne. Model- Rachel)

Fashion Character Photo


The Romantic c. 1935

Summer Breeze


Fashion details- Printed floral cotton blouse and skirt with sneakers all from Laura Ashley’s S/S Collection 1986.

Fashion Character Photo


The Classic c. 1956

Cheap Chic #5

Looking great for less.


Total Cost- $45.00

D.I.Y. folded arms shirt with unfinished hem**

Lands’ End paisley shorts….$45.00

Sandals (model’s own)

**D.I.Y- Folded Arms Shirt

I love this quirky, folded arms shirt from Creatures of Comfort; so much so that I decided to make one of my own (pictured above). Here’s how-


White button down (or other) cotton shirt, scissors, white thread, needle, sewing machinge


1. Carefully cut off the sleeves. Start at the underarm area of one sleeve about a 1/4 from the edge. Snip a small hole and insert your scissor tips. Cut all the way around. Do the same with the second sleeve.

foldedarmsshirtprocess-opt2. Take the loose sleeves and place them so that they point up towards the collar with cuff buttons showing.

3. & 4. Pin each sleeve to sides just below the armhole working down.

sewingshirtsleevesonside02-opt5. You can either hand sew the sleeves on or do it with your sewing machine.

6. Give the shirt a good pressing with an iron.

(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne. Model- Danielle)

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