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Fashion Character Card


Shirt. Click image to enlarge.

Fashion Character Photo


 The Tomboy- Capital City Motorcycle Club, California c. 1950

Fashion Character Card


Slip. Click image to enlarge.

Fashion Character Card


Beanie. Click image to enlarge.

Fashion Character Card


Swimsuit. Click image to enlarge.

Fashion Character Card


Scarf. Click image to enlarge.

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Fashion Character Card


Book. Pea Coat. Click image to enlarge.



Barbara Waterson c. 1970 interview

Home: New York, New York

Age: 29

Profession: Photographer, writer

Hobbies: More photography

Last Book Read: My Antonia

Last Accomplishment: Wrote the book ‘Pull Yourself Together or How To Look Marvelous on Next to Nothing.’ It sold out two hard-cover printings.

Quote: I‘m after a moment, a picture that captures a feeling that will rouse the person looking at it. Composition, design, staged shots- some other photographer can do that.

Profile: Uncompromising. Self-assured. Brings to commercial photography the honesty and sensitivity she feels toward the world around her.