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A Page From…

…’Heart And Home: Rooms that Tell Stories‘ by Linda O’Keeffe, 2014.


“…I’m not big on the provenance of things. I’m not at all concerned where things came from or who owned them.That feels like the past. I’m very matter of fact, very it is what is…Occasionally I go through a phase where I don’t want anything chipped and cracked but that generally lasts for about ten seconds.” -Antiques dealer Ron Sharkey about the decor in his old home in upstate New York.

(Photo- Robin Holland)

A Page From…

…’The Stuff Of Life

by Hillary Robertson, 2014


The cozy bedroom of Liza Sherman includes an old fireplace mantel as a headboard, several antique mirrors, portraits (one is Liza herself) and a creative mix of textiles.

(Photo- Anna Williams)

Endpapers #10

“Before mass printing in the 20th century it was common for endpapers of books to have paper marbling. Sometimes the endpapers were used for maps or other relevant information. They are the traditional place for bookplates or owner’s inscription…”- Wikipedia



An overview of the life of Theordore Roosevelt is illustrated on the endpapers by Edward Wilson for the child’s book ‘The Story of Theodore Roosevelt‘ published in 1953.

Note- Did anyone else watch the wonderful series ‘The Roosevelts‘?

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“…All great things had small beginnings…”

nibletsfingerpring01-optFinger print

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A Page From…

…’The Photographer’s Playbook

by Jason Fulford & Gregory Halpern, 2014


” ….This is a classroom, not a protest rally, stage or psychologist’s office. Just take pictures; that’s all we expect…”

Repurpose- Paperback Books


There are lots of fun ways to repurpose old books. For this simple project, I covered a few discarded paperbacks in hand-printed art paper from Blick. I left two issues in their new dust jackets. With the third, I added a leather tie attached to the spine by a tiny brass fastener. Later I’ll fill the book pages with messages written in marker (going right over the original text) and images from magazines.

What You Need-

Printed paper, scissors (if you need to cut the paper), leather ribbon (available at craft stores like Jo-ann’s), pencil, sewing pins and small fasteners.


Remember covering books for school? The same method applies here.


 If you want to add the tie- Cut a length of leather ribbon. Find the midway point and put a hole through the leather with a sewing pin. Take a tiny fastener and slip it into the hole. On the printed cover, mark with a pencil the center of the book spine. Pierce the right side of the paper with the fastener. Carefully fold back the metal wings. Replace your dust jacket flap. Close up book with the leather tie.


(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne)

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A Page From…

…’Thither’ by Jane Flanagan, 2009.


In the Fall of 2009, Jane returned home to Ireland. While there, she spent time photographing places she cherished. Later, she compiled her favorite images into a self-published book titled ‘Thither.’ I have a copy of Jane’s book. And every time I look at it, there’s a desire to visit that wonderful country.

(Photo of ‘Thither’ book page- © 2014 Martha Browne)