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A Holiday Break

Nibs Readers,

I hope that you’ve enjoyed visiting my blog this year as much as I’ve enjoyed writing/ photographing for it. Thanks, too, for all your comments and emails. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Posting will resume on January 9, 2012.

Warm regards,

Vintage Christmas Photo #11

~candid spaces~

A series of photographs showing home exteriors, interiors and gardens as I found them. No effort was made in styling.

(Photo- Martha B.)

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~candid spaces~

Photo Diary 12-22-2011

(Photo ‘Brickwork’- Martha B.)

Small Scale Decorating

Over the summer I bought a garret from dollhouse maker Tim Hartnall with the intention of decorating it very simply…all white with minimal furniture. But I changed my mind when I pulled out my stash of papers by Denyse Schmidt. Taking a cue from the riot of floral prints I did a mix of styles using Ikea plastic chairs with a Pottery Barn wood table. Accessories include a brass tuba, the tiniest of playing dice, a 1932 calendar (over the door) and a set of hand knit rugs. Christmas decorating was easy and fun, too- a tree with lights, a nut cracker and a platter of refreshments.

(Photo- Martha B.)

Note- Don’t miss Christine’s dollhouse that’s decked out for the holidays.

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Vintage Christmas Photo #10

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Christmas Craft #19: Flagpole Tree

Some clever homeowners took an old flagpole and made into a modern Christmas tree by securing six strands of lights and a star to the top. What’s fun is that they also did their interior tree (see bay window) with the same colored lights.

(Photo- Martha B.)

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Christmas Series

Fashion Character Card #14

Paper butterflies. Click image to enlarge.

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Holiday Hairstyle

Lil’Pix #68: 1970’s Hairstyle- Braids

Fashion Character Card #13

Blazer. Click image to enlarge.

(Photo- Life Magazine Archive)

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