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Budget Bride #11

A series of posts showcasing bridal dresses under $700.

Budget Bride #11. Do you want a complete departure from the traditional wedding gown? Why not try this 1990′s silk/linen dress by artist and designer J. Morgan Puett.

Available on ebay- $375.

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Stylish Photo Entry

The clothing company J.Peterman is running its annual photo contest. This particular picture caught my attention. Don’t you love her clothing and pose?

More Shorts

Wearing shorts this spring and summer couldn’t be more popular! Check out these pages torn from Red Magazine-

Drawstring-legged suede shorts and white cotton shirt by Sportmax are worn with Theory beige and blue checked coat, Paul Smith striped raffia hat and Clarks classic boots.

Nothing beats a shorts suit. This one from Freda at Matches. The rest of the outfit includes a Banana Republic denim shirt, Misa Harada hat and Manolo Bahnik leather sandals.

Model is in a cool and sporty pair of Moschino black shorts, black bra from Margret Howell and oversized shirt by MiH Jeans.

(Photos by Coliena Rentmeester)

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The Women’s Land Army

What was ‘The Women’s Land Army?’

During the first World War women were mobilized to work with food production on farms and in gardens across England and America. This program was called ‘The Women’s Land Army.’ Later with the outbreak of World War II, it was re-introduced for the same purpose.

Land girls were hired to work many hours ploughing (mainly with horses due to the short supply of tractors), milking cows, digging ditches, logging, etc. For their hard labor they were given a small allowance along with their uniform. In England it was the classic beige corduroy breeches, green pullover sweater and cowboy style hat.

When the war ended most of the women returned to civilian life. The army officially closed in 1950.

Note- What interests me is that Laura Ashley carried similar corduroy breeches in one of her fall collections. I bought a pair never realizing the inspiration behind it…until now. :)

(Top photo- Flickr. Posters- Google Images. Collage- Martha B.)

Update 9/17/2011- A pair of English Land Army women take a break from their work at a roadside well in May 1944. Photo by Frank Scherschel for Life Magazine.

Gingham Check & Denim

Perfect warm weather dressing- sleeveless gingham check tops and drawstring denim pants from United Colors of Benetton.

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KidFile #26: Spring Party Masks

Wouldn’t these masks be great for a children’s Easter or spring time party? They’re based on characters from the books by Beatrix Potter.  Available here.

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Alice The Bride

With the release of the newest movie version of ‘Alice In Wonderland,’ fashion and bridal magazines are scurrying to fill their pages with photo shoots based on the childhood classic. In a recent issue of UK Brides Magazine, they created a fun ‘Wonderland’ wedding. My favorite dress had to be this one. I wonder why? :)

A pleated organza dress with blue silk sash by Ritva Westenius is worn with a Caroline Morris satin bow and Pamela Mann striped socks.

(Book illustration- John Tenniel. Photo- Chris Heads)

Book- ‘Garden Structures’

Garden Structures‘ by Linda Joan Smith is a wonderful reference book originally produced by the garden company ‘Smith & Hawken.’ One particular chapter has my rapt attention- 12 pages all dedicated to some awe-inspiring potting sheds and greenhouses.

(Top photo- Lynn Brotchie. Bottom photo- Hugh Palmer)

Garden Note #62: Potting Shed

My grandfather had a small potting shed attached to his garage. He stored most of his garden tools there along with a wooden cart he used to transport topsoil, compost and plants to the garden. I don’t have a shed but I often think about how I’d design one, especially the interior. This photograph is intriguing to me. I love the rustic architecture- exposed wooden beams, clapboard and old french doors. Aren’t the pendant light, pea gravel floor and metal chair great touches?


French adjustable stool

Market basket

Botanical print

Pendant light

‘Plant This’ notepad

White pitcher

Note- Pea gravel can be purchased at house/garden centers. Anderson sells square awning windows (similar to those above) labeled A21′s.

(Potting room photo- Elle Decor. Collage- Martha B.)

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Still In The Dark

Here in New Jersey a severe storm left thousands without electricity, internet or phonelines. We are one of them. After a very scary Saturday night full of hurricane winds, falling trees, and exploding transformers, we settled into using candles and flashlights. We are so thankful to have no house damage. We should have electricity by the weekend, so we’ll spend a week pretending to be Amish. (My husband is sending this from his phone.)