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Shop Your Closet #12

My friends Margot and Hope are joining me in a series of posts called ‘Shop Your Closet.’  The idea is to take pieces of clothing from our three separate wardrobes and put them together in fresh, creative ways. We hope you’ll enjoy these and feel inspired your own closet!

About Hope

Hope is a wonderful asset to this series. And not just because she does all the modeling. She is young, inquisitive, funny, enthusiastic; and she has her own quirky sense of style. While going through her closet, Margot and I were amazed at her take on fashion. She loves shopping- whether it’s at H&M or at a vintage clothing store. She often reworks things to create her own designs. For this post, Hope wanted to wear her brown jacket and funky orange hat. There were several ideas that the three of us discussed but Hope loved the mix of this one. Take a look-

It’s a Mod World!

Fashion Details-

Brown jacket, orange hat, hoop earrings, and hair extension- from Hope’s closet

Striped Gap sweater, floral DKNY skirt, handbag, hosiery and Sam & Libby shoes- from my closet

Ring- from Margot’s closet

Note- After we took these pictures Margot’s ring became part of Hope’s closet. :)

(Photos- Martha B.)

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Another Page From ‘Vogue- More Dash Than Cash’

“…How you wear the classics is as important as what you wear. Classic clothes have a neutral quality which does not impose on your character, so you have to take the initiative to create your own style from the perfect ingredients. Their charm is versatility, they look right in any place or situation. It is as if all the classics speak the same language and have an instant rapport with each other- even if one is an exquisite tailored shirt and the other is faded jeans, they still look good together…”

- the fashion resource guide ‘Vogue- More Dash Than Cash’ by Kate Hogg, first published in 1982.

(Photo of book and accessories- Martha B.)

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Get The Look #4: Living/Dining Room



A bright and cheerful living/dining room from the pages of House & Garden, 1972.

Get the look!

Interior details-

1. Plexi glass coffee table- John Lewis

2. Floral fabric- Kravet

3. & 4. Striped blue and red fabrics- Texas Susannie’s

5. Rush seat chairs (custom stained)- Pottery Barn

6. Wicker cabana chair- Hollyhock

7. White lamp- Lamps Plus

8. Roses dhurrie rug- Anthropologie

(Collage- Martha B.)

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KidFile #25: Wheatgrass

Growing wheatgrass is an easy project to do with kids and a nice way to have something green in your home during the cold winter months.

Here’s what to do-

1. Purchase seeds online or at a garden center.

2. Select a clay pot or other container with draining holes.

3. Fill with potting soil and sprinkle seeds evenly on top. Cover lightly with more soil.

4. Water thoroughly. Cover with plastic until seeds sprout.

5. Move to a sunny location.

(Photo- Martha B.)

Fun With Adobe Photoshop

colored pencil

ink outlines

graphic pen

original print

(Photos- Martha B.)

Early Photography

Photos by Frederick Wendt for St. Nicholas Illustrated Magazine, 1903.

Ewa iWalla Clothing

” The feel of fabric is everything to me. The tactile experience is what inspires me. My clothes are nothing but perception…”

- Swedish clothing designer Ewa iWalla.

(Bottom photo- Selvedge Magazine)

Shop Your Closet #11

My friends Margot and Hope are joining me in a series of posts called ‘Shop Your Closet.’  The idea is to take pieces of clothing from our three separate wardrobes and put them together in fresh, creative ways. We hope you’ll enjoy these and feel inspired your own closet!

Remember my old wedding dress?

We came up with lots of possibilities for wearing it again and chose to show you three of our favorites. Here’s the third one-

My hand knit Norwegian sweater gave us the idea for a woodland bride. We replaced the traditional veil with real deer antlers. And tossed out the fussy floral bouquet for a bundle of wild grasses.

Fashion Details-

Wedding dress, knitted sweater, wide leather belt- from my closet

Ugg boots (not shown)-  from Margot’s closet

Silver ring- from Hope’s closet

(Fashion photo- Martha B.)

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A Special Goat

Goats are held in high honor in our family. Well…at least one is. That special goat is the one that saved my dad’s life. It was just prior to the Depression that my dad was born at home which wasn’t all that uncommon in those days. But right from the start he had a tough time. His mother tried nursing him. He couldn’t digest her milk. As the months passed, Grandma and Grandpa fretted over their newborn. He was losing weight and they knew that if he didn’t get nourishment soon he would die. My grandparents lived in rural southern Illinois and raised a few goats. Through the suggestion of a family friend and as a last resort, Grandpa decided to give his son some goat’s milk. After finishing his bottle Grandpa put my dad in his crib for the night. Early the next morning Grandma realized Dad hadn’t cried to be fed. Terrified she woke Grandpa to tell him there were no sounds coming from their son’s bedroom. She couldn’t bear the thought of seeing him dead in his crib. Slowly Grandpa went into the room only to find Dad sleeping soundly. From that day on he had goat’s milk.

Our family now jokes with Dad about that special goat. We give him birthday gifts of goat’s cheese and goat’s soap. But in reality, we’re very thankful to God that Grandpa had that animal.

(Photo- US Vogue Magazine)

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Vocabulary #40: Faux Bois

faux bois- from the French for false wood which refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media.

Bench available at Charleston Gardens.