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One Fall Frock…

…in three colors- berry red, honey gold and blue slate.


(Laura Ashley’s fall fashion catalog, 1982)

Update- Thanks to Stephanie you can find a similar style dress at Bird & Banner.

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Vocabulary #39: Aviette


Aviette- n. A heavier-than-air flying machine in which the motive power is furnished solely by the aviator.


In the same spirit of adventure, this bride wears a beautiful white cashmere pants suit from Reem Acra’s fall wedding collection.

(Photos- top: Aviette races, 1912. bottom: Rodney Smith for Elegant Bride)

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mARTha’s photography #13


The northeast is at it’s peak with fall color now. I couldn’t resist spending the morning hiking and taking some pictures with my new camera.






(Photos- Martha B.)

The Elks Club


Fashion Details

Thick wool cardigan, plaid field bag and water proof tin cloth chaps (worn over jeans)- all from Filson

Leather boots- Esquivel Shoes

Hand knit hat- Cabbages & Roses

Silver chain necklace with elk antlers-Kiskastyle

Camera, special edition- Leica

Me And My Bike #6


Getting around the campus of Smith College is easier if you have a bike!

(Photo by Peter Stackpole for Life Magazine, 1949)

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Natalie Chanin- Bridal Collection


I love the detail that designer Natalie Chanin has applied to her beautiful bridal dresses. All are one of kind and handcrafted by her rural based company ‘Alabama Chanin.

Collecting Glass Negatives


I picked up this 19th century photograph glass negative at the Brimfield Antiques Fair a few weeks ago. What made it special? I was fascinated with what the group of girls were wearing-  traditional Dutch clothing and wooden clogs.

What are the things you love to collect?

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Lil’Pix #99: Quilts


As newlyweds I loved decorating our first apartment. Back then I used a lot of rustic country pieces including a collection of family quilts. I displayed them on my antique iron beds and hung some on the wall. When my interests changed so did my decor; away went the quilts into the nearest closet, until now. Perhaps it’s the new surge in craftmaking that has me appreciating them all over again.

(Photo- source unknown)

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The Return Of ‘More Dash Than Cash’.

In April, British Vogue Magazine reinstated one of its classic features- ‘More Dash Than Cash.’  It was during the 1970’s through the early 1980’s (I think I got the dates right) that it was a popular segment encouraging and instructing women that to have style didn’t need to be dictated by their bank account. Later, Vogue published several books using the same title. Can Vogue’s ‘More Dash Than Cash’ inspire consumers in a troubled economy? From what I’ve seen so far, they’re on the right track!


April- ‘Safari Style’


May- ‘Micro Flowers’


August- ‘Classic Remix’


September-  ‘The Great Outdoors’


October- ‘Forward March’

Note- Because of space, I’ve selected one picture from each theme. June and July have been omitted.

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A Page From ‘Vogue- More Dash Than Cash’ (book)

Vogue- November 1922




Vintage French Vogue Magazine- bidding ends October 22.