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Anthropologie- Wired For Christmas

Check out these fun pages from Anthropologie‘s holiday catalog- all done with bent wire! Talk about creative!





Christmas Craft #1: Oven Mitt Place Setting

Ten years ago I decorated tables for a women’s luncheon at Christmastime. I came up with the idea of using kitchen mitts at each place setting. Back then I chose solid red, but I thought it would be fun to try something different for this post. I found this funky mitt at Anthropologie, and then paired it with a 1940’s yellow-green Ballerina plate and a large silver jingle bell. Tucked inside are gifts wrapped in Martha Stewart paper and tied up with white pompom ribbon from the Container Store.

(Photo- Martha B.)

Then&Now: Thanksgiving Day Parade


Then- The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York 1941- one week before the attack on Pearl Harbor.


Now- Sixty-six years later, Pikachu leads the procession.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

(Top photo- Life Magazine Archive. Bottom- msnbc)

The Bride Wore…A Hat?

Years ago a woman never left the house without a hat. Now most women don’t even bother. Too bad, because a hat can be such a beautiful accessory especially for a bride!


Ivory silk tulle and Alencon lace bridal hat by Edgardo Bonilla. Beaded sheath dress from Naeen Khan (spring ’08)

(Photo- Elegant Bride)

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mARTha’s photography #3

Our son Curtis goes to camp every summer in upstate New York. After we drop him off, I try to make a stop at my favorite antique mall. The building itself has a wonderful history and the contents of 22 dealers make it a thrill! I never have the time to leisurely go through everything- I have an impatient husband and dog waiting out in the car! But this July I did manage an hour or two to browse and take some photos to share with you!


I don’t often come across taxidermy, however one dealer’s stall had several including this fox.


Antique tools are displayed on the deep stone window sill.


A 1920’s straw hat waiting to be purchased. On the right are old exterior shutters.


Whenever I see old bottles I think of my grandfather who collected them. I love the colored glass ones!

(Photos- Martha B.)

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Two Of A Kind

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing will be…


PINBACK BUTTONS! And lots of them!

Check eBay and etsy!

Color Wheel Holiday Cards


What a creative spin on the color wheel! (pun intended!) Each color represents something festive during the Christmas season- from mint jelly green to cranberry red! These holiday cards are available here.

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Twiggy’s Hair


Instead of her usual short hair, Twiggy wears soft curls pinned on both sides of her face. I love the addition of the flowers, don’t you?!

(Photo- Life Magazine Archive)

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Vocabulary #29: Station Wagon

station wagon- an automobile that has a passenger compartment which extends to the back of the vehicle, that has no trunk, that has one or more rear seats which can be folded down to make space for light cargo, and that has a tailgate or liftgate.


Have a great weekend, everybody!

(1955 Ad for the Pontiac Strato-Streak V-8 Station Wagon)

The Bride Wore…A Dress Off The Rack?

While I worked for Nordstrom we did several windows showing bridal dresses taken right from the racks in the store. Most of the dresses were short or tea length and not always white. We used subtle shades of gray, pink and gold. The response to the windows was surprisingly enthusiastic- we sold the dresses right off the mannequins! So, don’t hesitate to look through the racks- you never know what you might find!


Designer Jesire‘s ivory smock dress is a good example of what to look for- a shorter length and unexpected details like these sewn on beads. The chunky jeweled cuff by Erickson Beamon is a perfect accessory!

(Photo- British Cosmo Bride)