(iPhone 5c image- © 2014 Martha Browne)

Fashion Character Photo


The Classic c. 1968

Grab Bag- OK Plate


I need to remind myself that everything is going to be OK.

Cheap Chic #10

Looking great for less.

cheapchicstripedshirt-optTotal Cost- $125.00

J.Crew nautical shirt (over-sized) and simple rope belt…$85.00

Old khaki pants cut into Bermuda shorts….stylist’s own

Tretorn canvas T56 sneakers worn laceless (ebay)….$40.00

Nose ring- model’s own

(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne. Model- Rachel)

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Best Western


Fall preview- Chanel printed shawl, Paige Denim jacket and classic Levi’s.


Chanel jacket, pants, shoes, hat with Buffalo David shirt.


Salvatore Ferragamo coat, Gap denim jacket and Chanel skirt.


Chanel striped jacket, Isabel Marant fur jacket (worn underneath) G-Star Raw shirt, Big Star jeans and Akubra hat.


Early Halloween vintage shirt, Michael Kors suede fringe skirt and Chanel boots.


Ralph Lauren coat & denim shirt, Guess denim jacket with sherpa collar and Isabel Marant pants.

(Photos- Kurt Markus for Marie Claire Magazine, August 2014)

Family Life- Saying Goodbye


After shedding some tears, I finally said goodbye to my 2004 Honda Element. How could a piece of metal on wheels cause me to cry? In one word- memories. Lots of them. Camping trips in upstate New York, family vacations, toting my son to & from school, bringing home dozens of plants (including a large dogwood tree with rootball!!), hauling prized antiques (like my fireplace mantel) and garage sale finds, construction materials, not to mention plenty of visits to the vet with the dog. I’ll certainly miss that car.

(Photo- © 2014 Martha Browne)

Garden Note #88: Summer Clippings


Tucked into a vintage bottle are clippings of purple clematis, anemone leaves, a butterfly bush blossom and Shenandoah switch grass.

(Photo- © 2014  Martha Browne)