Decorating@Nibs- More Fireplace Mantels

I enjoyed decorating a friend’s simple antique mantel sixteen different ways that I went hunting for one like it for myself. After months of searching, I came across a mantel that was perfect for my new series on color. Now let’s have some fun and decorate!

Fireplace Mantel #22- Fall’s Bounty


I wanted this mantel to celebrate Fall and Thanksgiving without being too predictable. So I skipped the bright orange pumpkins, black paper crows and jars of candy corn.


Instead, inspiration came from rural French decor with a few added surprises of my own.



1. Prime and paint walls/trim & moulding warm beige (custom mix).

2. Prime and paint mantel dark brown (custom mix).


3. On the mantel- Two wheat stacks, garden sickle, wire script ‘merci’, mercury glass pumpkin, antique bottles with corks, pottery, wooden spatula, vintage faux fruit, ink drawing c. 1900, clay figure and old books.


4. Other- Linen cloth frill, printed log fabric (check Ikea for availability), country chair, hand carved walking stick, string of old keys and clay plate.

(Photos & Styling © 2014 Martha Browne)

Vera Wang Ad- Fall 2014




(iPhone 5c image- © 2014 Martha Browne)

Garden Note #89: Scarecrow


Here’s a quick and easy way to make a scarecrow.


Push broom, old bathrobe, Shenandoah Switch Grass (or other type of grass) and rubber bands.


1. Shove the broom handle end into the dirt. Make sure that it’s sturdy.

2. Slip the sleeves of the bathrobe onto the bristle part of the broom.

3. Tie fabric belt.

4. Cut grass and make three separate bundles. Secure each with a rubber band.

5. Tuck grass into neckline and sleeves.

(Photo & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne)

A Page From…

…’The Stuff Of Life

by Hillary Robertson, 2014


The cozy bedroom of Liza Sherman includes an old fireplace mantel as a headboard, several antique mirrors, portraits (one is Liza herself) and a creative mix of textiles.

(Photo- Anna Williams)

Jewelry Box



Note- One of my favorite pastimes is looking at vintage photographs. Most are of people I don’t know, but I love their faces and often wonder who they were and what happened to them. So I make up a history- This  couple, Edith and Frank, met through mutual friends. It didn’t take long for these two to realize they were meant for each other. In less than a month, they were engaged.

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